we plant digital seeds

recent digital seeds nutured

established roots

to help germinate the space

you are cogs you are cogs

we are all cogs in the system. in the chain. working together we can create so much.

social social

co-working allows you to be social. it’s the core of what we do here in petal. come and chat.

connectivity connectivity

we aim to make sure all our venues have internet cloud tracked wifi connections for you.

mobile workers mobile workers

you can expect a table full of digital devices. people working away on laptops. the daily grind.

connections connections

social networking. making the connections. we are all about that. some of us even barter for food.

coffee vs tea coffee vs tea

trust us. the services above are amazing. fantastic teas and coffee and the food is awesome as well.

the pollen diaries

blog updates from all petal co-working activity

6 November

wired goes all polkaspot – cloud monitored wifi

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  well that was easy. installed a cloud AP today at the WIRED cafe bar. i had some knowledge of them from working with tom briefly at the ice arena on the meraki system which is super robust and super pricy (kinda goes hand in hand i guess) while in the process of putting together […]

4 November

prototype flight case for iMac nearly ready

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as part of my previous ‘ontheground’ life making transmedia for technology companies you get to shunt a lot of equipment around from place to place in boxes and bags. in finding this thermoplastic it opened up a real possibility to start making products that were super lightweight but super tough. the first, a flight case […]

1 November

location change and update news

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so the most important thing to tell you. we moved location already. long story short it was never going to work out in the previous space. we fell in love with the space, head over heels but we never thought how hard it would be to communicate the vision. the owner assumed we were setting […]

recent little hugs

What lovely people say about us (add?)

  • Leah Mason (enagreen.com)

    Having a space where I can go and interact with other like-minded creatives, and small independent business owners is really exciting; not only will it be nice to have a grown up conversation, but the amount of knowledge, support and opportunities a collection of different people bring together, builds strength and growth in everybody’s future

    - Leah Mason (enagreen.com)

are you a startup?

Imagine the scene. a bunch of people sitting around their computers working on amazing projects. sustainable business models, green thinking and ethical practice.

oh how we would rejoice together each friday evening after a long week. don’t you want to spend your time with movers and shakers after all?

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